Convert PAL to NTSC DVD

As comprehensive converter, PAL to NTSC DVD Converter also is an excellent Converter which can convert PAL to NTSC DVD perfectly and quickly. It might happen that you have recorded a home DVD-video disc but your DVD player or TV set does not support the color system used to record the video on the disc and cannot playback it. If you still want to watch the video we advize you to convert PAL to NTSC DVD or the opposite.

It is worth mentioning that cross color system conversion is a very complicated process and cannot be done easily thus we can advise to reconvert your video into another color system only if you really have to and bear in mind that the output video will not be perfect. We will explain the conversion process and show you how to convert PAL to NTSC DVD below.

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How to Convert PAL to NTSC DVD

Step 1: Download and install
After the download is finished, run the installation file and follow the installation wizard instructions.

Step 2: Select your input video file
Click button to import the IFO or VOB file on your PAL DVD disc as to load DVD movie into the program.

Step 3: Set up the conversion parameters
After you have selected the video input file, click the placed along the top of the interface to burn a DVD or save video in DVD format on the PC:

In the list of Profiles (Profile) select one of the preset NTSC profiles.

After that click the button to change the additional parameters:

Make sure that the Aspect of the input video is equal to that of the output video. You can see it here:

In case they are not the same, click the Aspect Correction tab in the bottom part of the advanced parameters window:

Step 4: Set up a proper video output file path

Click the button next to the Output File Name field and select a location on your HDD for the output video file.

Step 5: Convert your video file
After you have set up all the conversion parameters, hit the button to start converting.

Once the conversion process is over the message will suggest your further actions:

Step 6: Burn your resulting video onto a disc

Now click the button to convert PAL to NTSC DVD.

Now you can watch your recorded home video DVD on your Home DVD Player!